Pickleball Private Lessons

Individualized instruction for better performance on the courts, in game situations.  Use of the Pickleball Machine Feeder when available.

Ages 18+

J. Bryan Floyd Community Center 

Center - Indoor

VICKI KELLY -  Certified PPR and IPTPA level I and II Pickleball Instructor. (508) 223-6003 or VickiKelly34568@gmail.com. Individual: $70/hour  [2 people: $35 each]   [ 3 or 4 people: $25 each]   

call for appointment; use of pickleball machine!

TC COUGHLIN Certified Rating Specialist, IPTPA  Level II Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional for all levels of Pickleball instruction (631)-495-4200 or CoachTCCoughlin@gmail.com. Private lessons  $60 per hour for advanced techniques, drills and critical shot implementation. Semi-Private & Groups  $55/person.