Streetlight Requests or Problems

Please contact the Public Works Department’s Streets and Drainage Division at 843-280-5536 to request a streetlight or report a streetlight problem. Please have the pole number or location ready, if possible.

Streetlight Installation Policy

This policy establishes standards and guidelines for the installation of streetlights along publicly maintained roads. Streetlights may be installed to improve vehicular and pedestrian safety. Santee Cooper installs streetlights under an agreement with the City.


  • Streetlights are customarily placed at the intersections of publicly maintained streets.
  • On streets that exceed 500 feet between intersections, streetlights may be placed between the intersections but no closer than 250 feet to the nearest light.
  • For streets with high pedestrian or vehicular traffic, streetlights may be placed at a closer interval than outlined above at the sole discretion of the City.
  • The City determines the type of streetlight pole and fixture. Decorative poles or fixtures may be approved for a neighborhood subject to an additional monthly cost, which may be billed directly to a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) or property owners group.
  • The City reserves the right to delay installation of any streetlight until adequate funds are available for installation and operation.
  • City staff reviews street light installation requests to determine compliance with this policy.