Group Water Fitness Class Descriptions

Water exercise is an excellent way to a fit and healthy body. Classes are designed to build strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. It takes advantage of your buoyancy in the water and resistance the water creates. Whatever an individual’s fitness goals or therapeutic needs, they can be met with the right class or mix of classes.

Aerobic Lite

Exercises are geared to use resistance of the water while moving to improve cardiovascular fitness, endurance and muscle tone.

Aqua Fit

Using your own body weight and resistance from the water you’ll get an intense flowing workout for muscle toning, cardio improvement and increase range of motion.

Barre None

This class incorporates guided stretching to improve range of motion, reduce pain and prevent injury. Elements include basic Barre, walking, balance and posture emphasis.

Basic Moves Made Better

This class focuses on using 7 basic foot positions while performing moderate exercise. Foot positions are applied using all 3 movement planes, to achieve faster and better workout results.

Cardio Tabata 

This class incorporates interval training using the properties of water through a variety of simple yet intense exercises allowing each participant to get a terrific cardio workout.


This fun fluid dance format gives you an energizing and creative workout while toning and increasing range of motion. Forget your inhibitions! Let’s dance!!

H2O Cardio/Power HIT

Various cardio & strength routines are incorporated using body weight and water resistance to give you a maximum aquatic workout.

Sunset H2O Combo

This class combines cardio, strength training, flexibility and balance to enhance your water fitness experience. Come get fit while having fun as the sun goes down. All fitness levels are welcome!

Turf & Surf

Why not try out a new way to begin your water fitness class? Class begins on the pool deck to learn functional body weight exercises to improve strength. Surf into the pool for HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training.


This class combines the best of Ai Chi and Yoga to help with balance, stabilization, relaxation, increase in range of motion and more.