Surf/Paddleboard Instruction


To apply use link below:

Surf/Paddleboard Instruction Annual Permit

Mandatory Commercial Activity Waiver

Surf/Paddleboard Instruction Terms and Rules

Terms and Rules for Surf/Paddle Board Instructional Activities

Surf/Paddleboard instructional activities are eligible for consideration of an annual permit on the following terms:

  1. A permit fee of $100 is required for the year. 
  2. Vendor must have a City of North Myrtle Beach business license.
  3. Vendor should notify Parks and Recreation Department if conducting instructional activity at a different location than listed on permit application.  Email notification prior to activity to 
  4. Each vendor must carry liability insurance of at least $1,000,000 which names the City of North Myrtle Beach as an additional insured.
  5. Depending on the nature of the activity, proof of legally mandated worker’s compensation insurance may be required. 
  6. Vendor is required to obtain, prior to the commencement of the activity, personally signed hold harmless and indemnification agreements in favor of the city from all employees and participants involved in such activity. 
  7. Vendor shall have at least one (1) instructor with a minimum ratio of one (1) instructor per eight (8) participants.
  8. All instructors must be CPR and first aid certified through a nationally recognized training and certification organization accepted by either the Federal government or the State of South Carolina. The current certifications must be on file with the city.
  9. The vendor shall have a first aid kit onsite at all times.
  10. The staging or erection of obstructions of any kind on the public beach is prohibited. 
  11. Surf/paddleboard instructional activities that occur on the public beach shall occur at least twenty-five (25) feet away from any public beach access, walkover, sand dune, or sand fence and may not block the beach in front of an access walkover. 
  12. Instructors may not advertise, solicit, or engage in financial transactions on the beach.

If you have any questions, please contact Tammy Miller, 
North Myrtle Beach Parks and Recreation Department
at (843) 281-3758, or email